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At Network, we understand the unique exposures you face as a general contractor, civil contractor, road builder, mechanical or electrical contractor or supplier. We can provide complete risk coverage for injury, damage or destruction of property belonging to others caused by and arising out of your contracting activities. Insuring physical loss or damage to the work can also be covered. Specific areas include: Builder’s Risks Coverage/Course of Construction (C.O.C.), General Liability or Wrap-up Liability (project specific), Specific Job Insurance Programs, Surety Bonds, Equipment Coverage, and Professional Liability etc.

We roll up our sleeves and get to work right away by proactively obtaining quotes to help you prepare bid calculations. Knowing that no two construction projects are the same, we evaluate your risk factors to determine overall exposure. Once those have been identified, we develop the appropriate course of action and coverage. We’re experts in this field and will ensure you and your business are properly protected.