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Commercial Insurance provides business owners with protection from losses occurring from natural disasters (such as fire, weather damage, floods) injuries or deaths and costs involved due to lawsuits, all of which can impact your operations, profitability and your business itself. 

Your Commercial Insurance should be designed to protect against the most prevalent risks to your assets and capital. Combining General Liability and Property Coverage can help minimize your risks against various types of losses. The risk factors involved will depend on the type of your business, its location and many other factors that will determine the type and amounts of Commercial Insurance required. Here are some examples of the policies available for potential losses: Commercial General Liability, Property Coverage, Business Interruption Insurance, Boiler and Machinery Insurance, Inland Marine Insurance, Tenant’s Insurance, Errors and Omissions Insurance (E&O), and Directors’ and Officers’ Liability Insurance (D&O).
We can help you itemize and quantify your risks, then determine the level of coverage you should consider. Together, we’ll read the risks in your business, advise you on how to reduce some of the more manageable exposures and suggest an insurance mix that takes your risk tolerance and financial situation into account.